Street Fighter IV Comes to the iPhone

Street Fighter IV on iPhone

Gaming website IGN revealed that Capcom will be coming up with an iPhone version of its latest incarnation of the Street Fighter franchise.  According to them, the port will use existing codes to keep the graphics as close to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions as possible.  The difference, however, is the presence of faint arcade stick and buttons that will be placed at the bottom of the iPhone screen.  Capcom also offers several control configurations in order for players to find their favorite position, button transparency, and set-up.  There will also be a “Dojo Mode” for training, which gives the player an opportunity to learn the controls before heading to the tournament or join a multiplayer match.

But before you could Haduken on your iPhone, Matt Peckam of PC World raised the question on whether iPhone’s interface could be able to catch up with the game’s split-second timing.  “It could turn out to be a decent port—decent at best, given the iPhone’s lack of a deterministic interface applied to a game that fundamentally depends on one,” Peckam wrote.  “That, or it’s a noble flop—at best a curio for casual gamers who’ll pull it down and play it once or twice before discarding.”

Capcom has not yet released pricing, release date, or final character count.  However, we can say that it might appear on GDC next month.

Source:  Ars Technica

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