Strangest iPod Accessories

The Apple iPod struck the world with storm. Due to its sleek features and fabulous Apple marketing strategies, the iPod has become the world’s most famous portable music player. It is also due to this gadget’s popularity that several companies all over the world have come up with producing accessories that emphasize its features and give comfort to its users.

Many accessories sold in the market are fantastically done. On the other hand, some are viewed as extremely odd for an iPod accessory. The following are the iPod’s strangest accessories available to date.

iPod DJ Docking Station

Imagine your iPod being a live DJ with its right arm scratching the turntable and its left hand holding the headphone. Hold on to that thought and believe your imagination. The iPod DJ Docking Station is a one-of-a-kind iPod Dock as it makes your iPod seemingly like a real disc jockey with its turntable, headset and hands for your iPod as well as its stunning big speakers.

iPod Nano Thong Case

iPods are subject to scratches, hence a case would be perfect for its protection. The iPod case, just like the revolution of iPod Nano has its evolution in the market as well. The iPod Nano Thong Case has been a hot sell especially among men for its sexy thong-shaped look. On the other hand, as sexy as it may appeal to many men, this accessory can seem unwieldy.

The thong case leaves a big part of the iPod’s screen unprotected, some corners don’t have any protection, and its click wheel remains hidden.

iPod Nano Wallet

The iPod Nano has the capacity to fit places almost everywhere due to its shape and size, including your wallet. Along with your cash and credit cards, the iPod Nano Wallet provides a space for your iPod. The famous portable player fits the wallet just right having all the main parts of the iPod accessible. As convenient as it sounds for one to keep their music player space-wise, it sure is odd being seen by people listening to your wallet.


This product refers to no less than that favorite male undergarment–a pair of boxers. Boxers don’t usually have pocket for small stuff, especially for something as tiny as the iPod. But the iBox offers space for iPods, allowing you guys to carry the gadget anywhere, anytime.

The iBox comes with different color variations and has a very simple cut made from spandex or cotton blend fabric. As good as it sounds, it is apparently quite eccentric having men around carrying their iPods in their undergarments.

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