Stok Quattro 4 Burner Gas Grill

The barbecue grill has become a common fixture among many a family gathering, especially during the summer. In its own way, the barbecue grill has evolved into something unlike that good old charcoal fired type of barbecue grills. They also have been given some added enhancements such as what the new Stok Quattro Barbecue Grill has.

The Stok Quattro is a 4 burner gas-fired barbecue grill that may no longer look like an ordinary barbecue grill from the past. This is a barbecue grill that aims to provide some added convenience for avid barbecue grill fans by what it can do. It features a unique grill insert system that allows some versatility in cooking different foods. There are grill inserts available not only for grilling meat but also for cooking pizza as well as vegetables.

This grill uses an electronic ignition to begin grilling on a quick start. It also features a built-in temperature gauge to make it more convenient for barbecues and other delectable grilled stuff to come out with perfect results. Even its sleek and attractive exterior design is something that guests and visitors will talk about. The Stok Quattro 4 Burner Gas Grill is available at Home Depot for US$350.

Image Source: Stok

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