Sand + Time Watch

sand and time watch

The hourglass, one of the greatest inventions of Ancients civilization, has just been given a facelift and is scheduled to make a comeback. For the second time in the history of the planet earth the hourglass will once again be part of our lives. That is if you decide to make it so.

Designer Pavel Balykin, is the guy responsible for this reincarnation of one of the world’s most ancient technologies.

Balykin has designed a watch inspired by the hourglass. The watch face itself is shaped like an hourglass, but it does not really tell time. And what modern human being would want to determine the time using an hourglass? The only real purpose of the said hourglass is to serve as screen saver.

In case you want to know the real time, you need only press a button and the interpretation of time, as we know today, will appear – digitally of course. Balykin has also added one feature. The watch is equipped with a motion sensor, so you’ll just need to move your hand and the hourglass screen saver will disappear.

This watch wins points for concept originality. However, the Sand + Time watch is lacking in other functions which might make potential customers look at other ancient times-inspired gadgets.

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