Steve Wozniak: Don’t give me iPad Air for Christmas

Steve Wozniak disses the iPad Air

Steve Wozniak disses the iPad Air

While everyone in Apple Land wants a piece of iPad Air, one unlikely person would not want the upcoming tablet in his Christmas stocking.

TechRadar reported that Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak (pictured, left) has gone on-record about brushing off the iPad Air, so much so he already told his wife not to buy the upcoming tablet as a gift. What is in the iPad Air that Wozniak does not like? He claims that the tablet would not work efficiently in his home.

“Yes it’s thinner, but I wanted storage,” Wozniak said during an interview at Apps World in London. “I don’t have broadband at home, so I carry all my personal media in the iPad. So I was hoping Apple has a 258GB iPad.”

The largest storage option for the iPad is just 128GB, one of the largest among non-Windows tablets. However, such a large storage drive is not enough for Wozniak, since he apparently relies on his Internet connection in accessing media content. Having a weak broadband means Wozniak and the rest of us would not be able to stream movies and TV programs, while downloading them could take excruiciatingly long.

“I can’t order a movie from iTunes and watch it straight away,” Wozniak added. “I could wait for it but I get bored by then. It’s because of my lousy phone company, but that is life.”

The best that Steve Wozniak could do, as well as for others experiencing the same slow broadband, is to subscribe to satellite Internet services. That, or he could purchase the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 that has a larger storage.

Source: TechRadar

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