SteriPEN Sidewinder Crank Powered UV Water Purifier

Getting drinkable water on hiking and camping trips can prove difficult. Its a good thing that there are many portable water purifiers that are now available to help people ensure having water to drink when needed. These handy water purifiers work in different ways and provide different levels of safety of course.

But then, there are other portable water purifiers like the new SterPEN Sidewinder that puts itself even a step higher. It purifies water by use of a built-in UV light mechanism to kill harmful bacteria and other microbes in the water. But what makes it unique is that the UV light can be powered up by a built-in crank mechanism to generate power. Users turn the crank until a green LED lights up to indicate successful purification. The SteriPEN Sidewinder Crank Powered UV Water Purifier can purify one liter’s worth of water at a time. This unique water purifier is set to be available around September and is expected to cost around US$99.95.

Image Source: Gear Junkie

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