Steering Wheel with Integrated OLED Signage

German research company Photonic Microsystems IPMS presents innovations in OLED device integration that automotive companies can use in their future models. Previous OLED research has found itself squeezed into a rearview mirror as well as other parts of the body. Together with is project partners, they recently developed a study based on a commercial steering wheel using a neutral-brand functional representation.

At the center of the steering wheel you see a circular OLED signage appearing as white light. This OLED signage can be used as a display of the car’s manufacturer logo. It also opens up a variety of new ideas and concepts for car interior designers. Additionally, the very thin nature of this OLED display promises that it would not affect the airbags, while power consumption will be at the very minimum at best.

Although there has not been any report of a car manufacturer getting interested with such technology, the research still marches on.

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