Stealth LPC100 Ultra Small Mini PC

Personal computers and desktops have become quite powerful machines. Despite the advances, it seems that faster computers need not be huge in terms of their form factor. There are compact mini PC’s that offer powerful specs and yet are contained in unbelievably small housings. A good example would be the new Stealth LPC100 Ultra Small Mini PC.

The Stealth LPC100 may not look all that powerful a CPU if you first look at it. This PC is only a bit bigger than your smart phone. And yet this small PC packs quite a punch. The CPU is powered by a powerful Mobile Intel Core 2 Duo processors and offers 160GB of internal storage. It is capable of rendering 3D graphics with an onboard Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD and 2DDR3 memory slots that can handle up to 8GB worth of RAM. All these and more is contained is a rugged aluminum chassis only a bit bigger than the palm of your hand. The Stealth LPC100 Ultra Mini PC is quite an interesting piece of computing machinery that is ideal for those who don’t want to sacrifice computing power with mobility. This ultra small mini PC is available at Stealth for a base price of US$995.

Image Source: Stealth

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