STC Wireless Router Vase

STC Wireless Router Vase

Style plus function always equals a good product. Consumers usually find products that not only work well but also look good quite appealing in most cases. And in the case of the STC wireless router vase, this case applies just as much.

In terms of performance, any wireless router would be welcome. But needless to say, most of them come as just some other gadget that you connect to your PC or home network. But here is one wireless router that you can even be proud having in your table as a possible conversation piece. Not every wireless router can be confident enough to say that. A vase that works as a wireless network router, or vice versa, is one gadget that does not come quite that often.

In terms of stylish design, the STC wireless router vase wins, hands down. It is probably one wireless router that benefits being designed by a professional aesthetic designer, Franco Marino Cagnina. The others might have overlooked this area and may already be regretting it once seeing the STC wireless router vase. Or maybe, probably not. It would depend on how people look at wireless routers really.

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