Star Splitter Android Game App

Space games on smartphones have become quite popular that there is now quite a considerable number to choose from. Some may just offer features that many people have already seen before. And there is quite a few that offers some added unique features that make them stand out. It is that certain something game apps like Star Splitter aims to offer.

The Star Splitter Android game app is unlike any other space games available out there in that it takes players out on a space adventure. It does not just rely on the frequent space battles with enemy ships that makes this new game app quite engaging to play. Add into that the rich 3D graphics that the game comes with. A wide array of galaxies to explore makes this game quite a treat for many space adventurers out there.

But then there are also different missions to fulfill, giving players an objective while exploring the vast galaxies. It is not always a battle with enemy ships that players need to do. There are also artifacts to search and obtain, clear certain areas of the galaxy from obstacles, protect other ships from dangers as well as other missions. Players can choose their space ships and also have it upgraded and converted into a mighty space fortress over time. The Star Splitter Android game app is available for free download at Google Play.

Image Source: Google Play

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