Stantum Slate PC

Stantum Slate PC

Different PC configurations are being increasingly introduced in the market, especially the portable ones. No longer are devices being limited to a certain category anymore as some manufacturers are trying to carve their own niche in a more unique way. Such can be said about the Stantum Slate PC.

The Stantum Slate PC considers itself to belong into the netbook category function wise. But its looks may be quite different from those usual ones that you might have grown accustomed with. Based on the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 netbook platform, the Stantum Slate PC is unique in that it does away with the usual keyboard that most netbooks have. Instead, it makes use of a multi-touch display screen function to replace the keyboard, making the Slate PC quite handy to bring along and use. All inputs usually done through the usual keyboard can now be done using the multi-touch screen of the Slate PC.

For now, the Stantum Slate PC remains a proof of concept device by Stantum of France. But interest for such a gadget may be high considering that the Slate PC is also being praised for it relatively low power consumption along with the usual netbook capabilities and features without the usual keyboard in tow. Who knows, this new design may just become the norm in the future for netbooks.

Image Source: Stantum

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