StackMotion app brings green screen to iPhone

StackMotion app

StackMotion app

While there are hundreds of photo editing apps available for your iPhone, only a few have a “superimpose” function that brings out a virtual green screen. StackMotion is the latest among such apps, with its ability to superimpose images or parts of images onto your selfies and videos.

Launched last Thursday, the StackMotion app uses image recognition software to quickly isolate and remove an image’s background so it could be overlaid onto another photo or video. The software can also create slideshows of up to 100 images, and even edit them further by adding filters, text, aspect ratio adjustment, and adding a musical score onto the entire video.

Daniel Vinh, co-founder of Falmbe Studios, which developed StackMotion, said the app is geared to Instagram “power users” who are looking for creative ways to share their snapshots.

“(Instagrammers) try to be one of the first to use a cool feature, to really dynamically change their content and they’re really trying to differentiate themselves from what everyone else is doing,” Vinh said in an interview with Mashable. “We’re offering people an opportunity to enhance their creation.”

StackMotion, which costs $1.99 on the Apple App Store, creations can also be shared to Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Twitter, and Viddy.

Source: Mashable

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