Squibble Pocketable Portable Braille Interface

Squibble portable Braille interface

There have been several interesting devices geared for the blind or visually impaired people, but most of them appear as bulky as the Braille typewriter.  Fortunately, UK industrial designer Andrew Mitchell understood that the visually impaired want a communication device that is not only portable but also looks hip.

Mitchell presents a concept product called the Squibble.  This portable Braille interface allows users with sight difficulties to operate mobile phones and other gadgets through Bluetooth.  The Squibble uses 779 ultrasonic motors to lift illuminated caps against a silicon cover, creating the embossed dots that make up the Braille alphabet as well as other universally-recognizable icons.  To send text messages, for instance, the user simply types the message on the Squibble and the message is relayed to his mobile phone before being sent.  It also features a grip that lets users read Braille without having to lay it on a flat surface.

Mitchell says the development is on its advanced stage, so let’s hope this product push through for our blind techies.

Image source:  Andrew Mitchell

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