Square Enix Releases New RPG for iPhone

Square Enix , one of the most popular video game developers in Japan and the makers of the Final Fantasy series, has released its latest RPG for iPhone called Chaos Rings.

The story revolves around a battle tournament to the death.  Players have to choose one of five pairs of warriors as their characters, while the pairs who were not chosen become the enemies.  The characters would have to play through different scenarios to unravel the full story.  The prize of winning the tournament is eternal life and youth.

The battle system is menu-based, putting both characters on the battle field.  Players can select whether to attack as solo or as a pair.  Although pair attacks can cause greater damage to enemies, it leaves them open to damage.

Character growth relies on defeating enemies.  Each fallen enemy leaves its genetic information, or genes, for the characters to pick on.  These genes are used to equip players and provide special powers.  The equipped genes grow as the characters defeat more enemies.

Chaos Rings will be available soon at the Apple App Store, but take note that the game is in Japanese.

Source:  Andriasang , via CrunchGear

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