Spy Sunglasses with Secret Bilateral Cameras

Spy Sunglsses

You may have seen movies or television programs that feature the use of a hidden camera inconspicuously placed beneath a person’s cap or sunglasses. You think to yourself that that hidden camera can be cool to use for your spying hobby or business. However, what you do not see is that most of the time these so-called hidden cameras are not small enough to be considered spy cameras. And what’s worse, most of these cameras are placed in front of you, making spying a little bit obvious because you are facing the subject.

To solve these problems, Chinavision provides these spy sunglasses that lets you record what goes on your peripheral vision-sideways in other words. The hidden camera comes with 2 color CMOS sensors with automatic backlight and white balance. These sunglasses can record either the left or right sides, and changing what side to use is simply done with a push of a button on the glasses’ frame.

What is even cooler about these spyglasses is that it is completely wireless. No bulky wires that you have to hide underneath your shirt, and instead receive video to a handy digital video recorder that picks up the clip in color and with audio. The receiver comes with a 128MB memory that can be extended up to 2GB using an SD card.

However, it should be noted that the camera can only receive PAL video system, which is more common in Europe but not in the North America (which uses NTSC). Although the manufacturer assures that it will not cause any problem for Northern American users, especially that the video receiver can be viewed on PAL system, but recording the video onto an NTSC format recorder.

It lets you view your subject’s exploits on its 2.4-inch LCS display. These glasses are completely discreet yet cool-looking that will definitely minimize attention. Available in Chinavision for $404.42 each, but can be bought in discounted prices when buying in bulk. Do note that it is not permissible in some countries to import covert spying camera equipment that includes audio recording. You need to make sure to check with your local Customs regulations.

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