Sprint Acquires Spectrum, Customers from US Cellular for $480 Million

Sprint has forged a deal with US Cellular to acquire its PCS spectrum and about 585,000 subscribers across the Midwest. The $480-million deal would enable Sprint, which itself was recently acquired by Japanese carrier SoftBank, to gain 30MHz within the 1900MHz band across Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio.

This extra spectrum would augment Sprint’s coverage as it continues to roll out the 4G.

Meanwhile, US Cellular will apparently have to continue its business elsewhere once the deal gets regulation approval some time this year. The regional carrier stated that it aims to “increase focus on markets where it has strong positions” and “streamlining operations,” even possibly doing its own 4G expansion.

And by streamlining, it means jobs will be cut. US Cellular has also announced it will let go of over 1,000 employees as part of the network handover, most of whom belong in corporate and retail staff in Chicago.

Source: Business Wire, via Engadget

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