Spotify expands free service for mobile devices

Spotify expands free service for mobile devices

Spotify expands free service for mobile devices

Spotify, a subscription-based music streaming mobile service, has announced it is offering some of its features for free on all mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones.

Before the announcement, users who opted not to subscribe to Spotify can only access its radio service on mobile devices. However, they are barred from its premium features, such as listening to a specific artist or create their own playlists. Free users can now listen on-demand on their tablets, while smartphone users can listen to their own playlists or songs from a particular artist in shuffle mode.

Spotify expands free service on mobile.

The free play-on-demand feature works just like its desktop counterpart, wherein you will hear advertisements being played every five to six songs. While you can create playlists on your tablet, you cannot listen to the tracks during offline. This feature is absent on smartphones.

Spotify Premium users don’t need to feel they are shortchanged with this announcement, as they can listen to music without the ads, as well as download them for some offline listening especially while in the plane or subway. The premium service also streams music in a higher quality.

The new free service is now available on the latest Spotify update on iOS and Android.

Source: Mashable

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