SpotCam Wi-Fi Home Monitoring Camera Now With Sleep Mode

SpotCamVisual monitoring has become an integral part of home security nowadays. Many homes now have CCTV camera systems as a way to monitor the home even when the owners are in other locations. Technology has also improved on CCTV systems by offering WiFi home cameras that are viewable and controllable online. But the 24/7 monitoring of such cameras can sometimes be a bane for homeowners since such cameras can share in the valuable network bandwidth the home occupants use to go online. SpotCam, a company offering cloud home monitoring service to consumers, adds the Sleep Mode feature to their SpotCam Wi-Fi Home Monitoring Camera, to address such issues.

The SpotCam Wi-Fi Home Monitoring Camera is designed as a home security camera. But it can also be an ideal baby monitor. Its strong surveillance features such as night vision, motion as well as audio detection make the SpotCam a great alternative to old CCTV systems. The new SpotCam Wi-Fi Home Monitoring Camera now even comes with Sleep Mode not only to help conserve power but also to free up some valuable network bandwidth during times when the camera is not needed.

Users of the SpotCam Wi-Fi Home Monitoring Camera can schedule a sleep mode from a web browser or via an iOS or Android device. These are instances where homeowners may not require the WiFi security cameras to function. But it can also be set to turn on instantly in case it senses motion or noises in and around its scope of coverage. Once it turns on, the SpotCam Wi-Fi Home Monitoring Camera can then start capturing and transmitting footage to the cloud. A 24-hour video playback feature allows users to go through. The Sleep Mode feature is useful in the sense that it can help free up network bandwidth as well as conserve its power when there is no need to capture footage 24/7. SpotCam offers its cloud video recording features as part of their service. While the first 24 hours of recorded footage is free, 3-day, 7-day and 30-day recording services can come for $4/month, $6/month or $20/month. If you wish to have such a home security camera, you can get the SpotCam Wi-Fi Home Monitoring Camera with Sleep Mode at Amazon for $150.

Image Source: Global PR

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