SPOT Connect For Smartphones

Even though mobile phones have become quite common devices, there are still instances where cell signals may not always be available to help you send messages. This can be quite a problem when you are out of the grid and would want to call someone using your smartphone. In such cases where communication is vital, you can transform your smartphone into a satellite communicator using the SPOT Connect device.

SPOT Connect is a device that would prove useful in areas where communication signals for your mobile phone may not be always available. You can use your smartphone as a satellite communicator when you pair it with SPOT Connect via Bluetooth. The device then links your smartphone to communications satellites that will allow you send predefined messages via SMS or email as well as to your social networks. It can also be used to send your GPS location in case of emergencies. The SPOT Connect can be a valuable tool use where you frequent places outside of the usual communication grid. It is expected to be available by the end of January and is expected to cost around US$170.

Image Source: SPOT

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