Speed Camera Detectors: TR20 Lite and RoadAngel 6000

If you’ve ever driven your car faster than the speed limit in some states, you probably have been caught by a radar gun which would have been measuring your speed. There are however speed camera detectors which allow you to be notified if there are any radar guns incoming.

The alerts to these roadside enforcers are available via several products which are mounted onto the dashboard of your car. Here are just some of the best speed camera detectors that are available out there. Take your pick among these and see for yourself how they work in real life.

TR20 Lite

This is the smallest unit that is out on the market today. The cabling and the natural spot in which this small speed camera detector makes it a definite must for the minimalist driver. Even though the TR20 Lite might be situated in a corner position, you will still manage to get a signal and a host of satellites that you’ll be able to test once it’s up and running.

It also sets off a soft alert when you are within the posted speed for that road. This is excellent if you don’t want that loud, continuous type of beeping once you inch your way closer to the camera at a leisurely 10 miles per hour.

RoadAngel 6000

The RoadAngel 6000 is one of the few devices that combine a speed camera detector with satnav technology. This is a GPS satellite-based navigator which also doubles as a speed detector.

It has an optional vent mounting system which is similar to the sucker mount but this is designed with a quick release switch so you could take it off whenever you’d like. One of the downsides to the RA 6000 is the initial TTF which is a key indicator of how much time you wait for the satellites to lock on.

There are other speed camera detectors which are out there which are also worth mentioning like the Indic8tor which is a GPS powered speed trap warning device, the Talex GPS Speed Camera System which uses satellite technology which alerts you to fixed and mobile camera spots within your route, the RoadPilot Micro Go which is a very small speed camera system that offers secure protection from the multitude of Gatso’s.

There are numerous other products out there but these are, by far, the best of the best right now. Be sure to check these out first before trying any other speed camera system.

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