Spectra X Electric Skateboard

Skateboards nowadays have been given a modern make-over, thanks to technology. They are no longer just foot powered for travel. There are now electric skateboards like the new Spectra X that provide users with a motorized portable means of transport.

The new Spectra X from Walnutt has been provided with a number of innovations and improvements not seen in previous models of electric skateboards. For one, this electric skateboard is designed to be sharable. The skateboards can be rented out by the owners through an app. From the same app, interested parties can check out any available Spectra X skateboards in their area and then initiate rental transactions with the owner. Rental can be paid out through the app as well.

The new Spectra X features a swappable battery and dash charging for added convenience. The electric skateboard is also designed to be water resistant. The Spectra X comes with a dual motor and sensors for upgraded functionality and optimum performance. It also gives the users 3 different methods of control- 3D posture, remote control or via the eBoard Go app. The Spectra X electric skateboard is currently available for pre-orders. There is no news yet as to how much it is expected to cost when it becomes available.

Image Source: Walnutt

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