SpeakerCraft SL-One Speaker Level A/B Switch


You can have your favorite music in every room in your house with a home audio system. Often, however, it is necessary to switch between a local source (like your TV) and the whole-house system. This can be very inconvenient sometimes. With the Speakercraft SL-One Speaker Level A/B Switch, you can now control the switching automatically without having to rise from your chair. This speaker switch plays the source you like to hear.

The Speakercraft SL-One Speaker Level A/B Switch features dual relays that can handle music power levels of up to 150 Watts per channel. SL-One also has octal switch that provides precision delays from 0.5 secs to 5 mins to support every music energy interval without false switching. In addition, the speaker switch’s Sense Level allows adjustment to contain different music level conditions for optimal switching threshold.

The Speakercraft SL-One Speaker Level A/B Switch also comes with B Status 3.5mm output jack that triggers local devices and isolated ground paths that enable the use of BTL amplifiers. Measuring 4.6 in L x 1 in H x 3.45 in W, the speaker switch requires a separate 12V DC power supply to trigger other external devices. Also available is a non-amplified line-level A/B switch. Price: $90.00.

Image Source: Smarthome 

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