Spawn HD-720

Spawn HD-720

The gaming industry has become quite popular that more people today have around two or more different gaming consoles in their homes to play with. Too bad that the number of TV sets in the home may not follow such increases. This can sometimes mean that other family members may be using the TV set and prevent you from playing with your favorite video game for the meantime. It’s a good thing that there is now the Spawn HD-720 available in order to help resolve such issues.

The Spawn HD-720 is a device that you can connect with your gaming consoles and allow you to access them through your PC or laptop. You do not have to wait for other family members to stop watching television before you can play your video games. Spawn HD-720 allows you to play them through your PC or laptop through a broadband Internet connection.

All you need to do is to hook up your gaming consoles to your Spawn HD-720 and a broadband Internet connection. You can then go to your computer, connect to the Spawn website through an account that you need to create and download the Spawn player in your PC to allow playing video games. You can them play your console games through your PC in real time speed, whether you are a a floor below or even thousands of miles away from your gaming console. You can also invite your friends for access into your gaming console in case you wish to play together with them. The Spawn HD-720 is available at spawn Labs for US$200.

Image Source: Spawn Labs


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