Spa Serenade Waterproof MP3 Player

The spa environment is a place where one can relax and escape the stress of daily life routines. The peaceful surroundings can even be enhanced further by tuning on to music that you like to listen to. Having the Spa Serenade Waterproof MP3 Player handy would surely help make your next spa experience even more relaxing.

The Spa Serenade MP3 Player is waterproof so that you may be able to bring it along with you in the steam room or the Jacuzzi to relax while listening to your favorite relaxing tunes. It comes with a rust proof IPX7 stainless steel case that provides a three-system waterproof design. It also comes with a deep ear hypoallergenic hooked ear buds with a screw-on threaded 2.5mm jack..

The Spa Serenade Waterproof MP3 Player comes with an 8GB internal memory, good for about 2000 songs, more than enough for several spa stays. It also comes with rechargeable batteries that are good for 30 hours for every 90-minute charge. The Spa Serenade Waterproof MP3 Player is available at Chinavasion for US$58.

Image Source: Chinavasion

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