Soyntec Wiffinder Laptop Bag With WiFi Signal Locator

Soytec Wiffinder Laptop Bag

An innovative concept of integrating WiFi location technology into a stylish suitcase, making WiFi hotspot searching easier. Instead of the usual "take the laptop out of the bag and turn it on and hope there would be a signal" routine, all the user has to do is to look at the LCD display on the bag to get quick information on WiFi signal. The developer Soyntec calls it the "Wiffinder", which target business executives and travelers everywhere.

The WiFi locator on the laptop bag is easy to use. Just a single touch of a button and the user would be able to figure out the available WiFi signal surrounding them. It also has a signal bar indicating the signal strength that would provide a more stable network connectivity. The Wiffinder is also available in a variety of luggages such as a trolley bag, executive case bag, university backpack among others.

There is only one glitch though: The user cannot tell if the signal is free-on-air or encrypted. Overall, despite its usefulness, the Soyntech Wiffinder would probably become overshadowed by more advanced locators in the not-so-near future.

Image Source: Soyntec

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