Soundtraveller K3000 ST Speaker

Soundtraveller k3000 ST speaker

The Soundtraveller K3000 ST is a portable, top-of-the-line speaker system that’s perfect the iPod perfectly. As with most mini speakers made for the iPod, the K3000 ST is equipped with a dock connector. It also has an audio-in connector that makes it compatible with other portable devices such as mp3 players, laptops, and portable gaming consoles.

Measuring at just 99 x 37 x 37 mm, the K3000 ST is one of the most portable speakers in the market. It is equipped with two 1.8-watt speakers and can provide 12 hours of music with a single AA battery. The micro speaker system is encased in a soft silicon skin, giving it a rubbery feel, and is also available in several colors to choose from.

The controls of the K3000 ST are located at the back of the unit, with a slider switch to power on and off and rubber volume controllers. This makes the small but sturdy K3000 ST the perfect travel companion for enjoying music wherever you go.

In terms of audio quality, you can’t expect much power from this tiny speaker. At low volume, it provides but a thin sound. While at maximum volume, the K3000 ST can be loud enough to be heard in a room full of people, but sound quality is somewhat distorted.

The Soundtraveller K3000 ST speaker system comes with the following accessories: a 3.5mm audio input adapter, a USB power cable which can be used for charging the unit, a hard plastic carrying case, and a pair of AA batteries.

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