Sound Band Speakerless Earphones

Sound Band wireless speakerless headphones

Sound Band wireless speakerless earphones

The pursuit for a reliable pair of headphones could lead you to a difficult choice of whether to settle for over-the-ear headphones or the in-the-ear earbuds. Both devices have its pros and cons: earbuds are compact and convenient, while headphones have a superior audio quality and less prone to damage. A Kickstarter campaign provides an alternative to the two, which could even be the best option. The Sound Band earpiece concept does not block your eardrums and instead transmits sounds without the need for speakers.

This wireless earphones uses surface sound technology, wherein tiny vibrations are sent through the backs of your ears, as well as on your ear bones and tissues, landing on your inner ear without having to stuff your ear canal. The Sound Band can also connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth to make phone calls.

Sound Band wireless speakerless headphones

Apart from the earpieces, the device comes with volume and answering controls housed in an electronic fob hanging near the user’s nape. The Sound Band delivers superior sound range that spans from 20,000Hz to 86Hz, lasting for about five hours in a single battery charge.

As of this posting, Sound Band has raised over $283,000, way past its funding goal of $175,000 with 35 days to spare. The Michigan-based company developing the device has yet to announce any stretch goals.

In the meantime, you can still back the campaign and get yourself your very own Sound Band starting at $150.

Source: Mashable

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