Soul Gear Waterproof Dry Bag Speaker

Going out camping usually means that you try to get off the grid as much as possible. But of course, most people can’t leave some modern conveniences out sometimes. Some people just can’t get by without having their favorite songs to listen to around camp. Now, bringing your music along for sharing on your next camping trip will no longer be a hassle with the new Soul Gear Waterproof Dry Bag Speaker. 

The Soul Gear Waterproof Dry Bag Speaker is a water- resistant dry bag made out of tough 500D coated tarpaulin polymer material. Its high frequency bonding technology allows that the bag stays watertight at all stress points, keeping what’s inside safe and dry. The material is tough enough to resist scratches and also maintain its flexibility.

But that is not all that the Soul Gear Waterproof Dry Bag Speaker can offer. It also comes with a built-in 3-watt waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It connects wirelessly to compatible smartphones via Bluetooth 4.0. Volume control on the speaker can be adjusted via the connected smartphone. Users can enjoy listening to their favorite music via the speakers for up to 6 hours on a full charge. Its 1000mAh battery can fully charge via micro USB cable for just two hours. There is also a built-in solar panel that continuously charges the speaker at all times when out in the sun.

The Soul Gear Waterproof Dry Bag Speaker comes with 2 quick-detach adjustable straps ideal for any type of carrying style. It also comes with multi-color LED lights that can light up the bag to see what’s inside while in the dark. The LED lights can also function as a buoy to serve as a marker in the dark. The versatile dry bag is available in 10-liter and 20-liter models for $48 and $55, respectively. 

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