Soul Electronics Pulse Earbuds

Soul Electronics Pulse EarbudsListening to music is one of the things people usually like to do together with their workouts. It helps keep them motivated and inspired to do more in their fitness routines. But doing so will require using earphones that will always stay put and not fall out when you do your fitness activities. People can always rely on fitness earphones like this new Pulse Earbuds from Soul Electronics.

The Soul Electronics Pulse Earbuds are designed especially for fitness buffs and active people. It is a pair of ultra-lightweight earbuds that feature a wrap-around reversed fit design which allows it to stay in place at all times no matter how much you move. The reversed fitting ear lock cable wraps around the wearer’s ear and locks it in place. This will ensure that the earbuds will not fall off no matter how aggressive your workouts can be. The Pulse Earbuds also come with a water- and sweat-proof silicon body that makes it easy to clean after your workout.

The Soul Electronics Pulse Earbuds are also designed to be lightweight. Weighing just around 0.6 ounces, users can sometimes even forget that they have this pair of earbuds on. Despite this, the earbuds come with advanced driver and circuitry design that provides high quality audio with clear mids and highs and with strong and deep bass sounds. The earbuds also come with a one-button control for convenience of answering calls or for music playback options. The Soul Electronics Pulse Earbuds are now available at Amazon for around $49.

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