Sony's Newest Portable DVD Player Has Longer Battery Life

Somewhere out there, an often overlooked market looks for that perfect portable DVD player. They are those who do not like the idea of watching their favorite DVDs using a laptop because that can be heavy and have performance issues. (Imagine when you are watching the movie’s climax then the clip suddenly stops only for the laptop to display that its virtual memory is running low.)

Which is why Sony still insists on developing new portable DVD players, like this recently-released DVP-FX950 with its 9-inch, LED-backlit LCD screen with 800 x 480 resolution and up to 7.5 hours of battery life (up 25% from previous models). This device features a viewing angle of 180 degrees, an internal speaker, and a USB port so users can view JPEGs or listen to MP3s.

The 0.88-kilogram Sony DVP-FX950 will be available in Japan on June 16 for an equivalent of US$390. It’s still unsure whether it will be available to other countries as well.

Source: Sony Japan, via CrunchGear

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