Sony's Latest Headphones

Sony always comes with some unique ideas when it comes to developing new devices. And these ideas can be seen at play with its new collection of headphones. Sony seem to have the active and highly mobile individual in mind when coming up with these new headphones.

Sony MDR-AS 20J








The Sony MDR-AS 20J

This is an active style headphones for people into more strenuous physical activities. The headphones are designed with loop hanger ear buds to make them stay in place even during more intense workouts. Users no longer have to worry about their earphones falling out with this loop hanger styled headphones.

Sony MDR-AS 30G







The Sony MDR-AS 30G

Another active style headphone from Sony, it is designed with a slim and lightweight behind the neck band typical of newer versions of today’s headsets for active people. This headphone features a "Stability Tip" that helps provide a secure fit into a user’s ear which can prevent accidental dropping while performing some physical activity. This is a great headset to use while jogging or while doing work-outs.


Sony MDR-AS 50G








The Sony MDR-AS 50G

Another neck band headphone worth noting is the Sony MDR-AS 50G. This slim and light headphones would be easy enough to bring along with you as you go jog down the street or go on your regular workouts. This headphone would make listening to your favorite tunes more convenient as you go along with your activities without a fuss. Its thin and lightweight construction allows it to be worn as if it just isn’t there.


Image Source: Sony

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