Sony's Google TV Leaked

Sony Insider, a fan-made blog on all things Sony, provided details of what is supposed to be Google TV, including photos and even pricing. According to the report, the company will be selling four models that vary only in screen sizes, which will range from 24 to 46 inches.

Although the smallest of the four does not have a price yet, the three other models will reportedly be sold at US$1,299.99 (for the 32-inch model), $1,499.99 (40 inches), and $1899.99 (46 inches). The cheapest among the three is about $300 more than Sony’s most expensive 32-inch TV, the BRAVIA EX710.

Looking at the details, it would not be surprising if prospective Google TV users would instead just buy a box of Logitech Revue for only $300 and connect it to any TV they wish. If Sony’s Google TV will not come up with a free Revue for every purchase, oh well…

Source: Sony Insider, via Engadget

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