Sony Xperia P Coated in 24-Carat Gold

When it comes to luxury phones, the rule of thumb is not to make the insides too advanced for the affluent to grasp. They are only after the bling anyway, whether it is rose gold, alligator leather, or even pure ceramic.

Sony is keeping up with such tradition with its gold-coated version of the mid-range Xperia P; not the flagship Xperia T. The 4-inch unibody smartphone comes with dual-core 1GHz processor, all encased in 24-carat gold.

And because this is Sony’s experiment of sorts rather than undertaking a Vertu-like business model, only a maximum of 15 units have been built. Sony even hinted to give some of these gold Xperia P to followers on Facebook.

Source: Sony Mobile, via Engadget

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