Sony Webbie HD Camcorders

Sony Webbie HD camcorders

If you are into webcams, you might love the Sony Webbie HD camcorders. What makes these gizmos fascinating is that they are small and it might change the meaning of portability.

This gadget comes in two models. The MHS-CM1 and the MHS-PM1 Webbie HD cameras. The thing about these camcorders that we like most is the fact that it caters for the youth, or should we say, teen market.

The MHS-PM1 camera is light enough that it can be carried anywhere. With its swivel lens, it makes capturing videos easy. Also, it has a 4x digital zoom flips which enables you to see yourself while taking a video or photos of yourself. The MHS-CM1, on the other hand, has a slim design and has a 2.5 inch LCD screen which can rotated up to 270 degrees. Additionally, it has a 5x optical zoom.

Both camcorders have the ability to shoot high-definition videos of about 1440×1080/30p. Moreover, you can take still shots of up to 5 megapixels. The cameras require USB cables to transfer contents to websites that allow video and photo sharing. It even makes things even faster with the use of the embedded PMB Portable software.

You can upload directly your photos into Shutterfly and Picasa Web Albums or on Youtube and Dailymotion for your videos. Even on Photobucket for both pics and vids. If you are more on storing your files in your personal computer, you can do that by dragging and dropping in your personal folder.

Both camcorders come in eggplant, orange and silver colors. The MHS-PM1, which weighs at about 4 ounces, is available for $170 and the MHS-CM1 for $200. The cameras can be bought on online stores like

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