Sony Walkman S-Series Successor in the Works?

A successor to Sony Walkman S-Series is said to be in the works

Sources over at claim that a new version of S-Series Sony Walkman, which was well-received by the consumer market, is being developed as we speak, as shown in this press photo that they have posted.  Judging from first impressions alone, it seems that this new model will include a built-in speaker into the device, which would be great for listening to your favorite tunes without the need for earphones.  The screen also appears to become bigger.

Whatever features it may have, we hope that the new Sony Walkman would feature the best of the S-Series plus more:  super-slim design, music and video capabilities, a longer-lasting battery, FM tuner, noise canceling, and (hopefully) a memory higher than 8GB.

However, do not mark the calendar just yet.  It is still unclear when this new PMP would be unveiled; if in case this is a legit product.

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