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Sony Walkman E470

Sony’s Walkman brand has been considered as a widely popular brand of audio devices that has not really experienced the high level of popularity that its analog predecessors did during the 80’s. But the Sony Walkman brand lives on and is now riding on to digital technology to make it somewhat relevant again. And with that in mind, Sony has recently introduced a slew of new portable audio players under the Walkman brand, one of the most notable in the lineup of which is the Sony Walkman E470 Series.

The Sony Walkman E470 Series of portable music players is considered to be the thinnest of all Walkman devices to date. Measuring only 7mm thin, the Sony Walkman E470 really can’t get any more portable than that. Its thin profile makes it easy and convenient to bring along just about anywhere. It comes with a 2 inch LCD screen, this Walkman audio device also comes with pre-installed games and different music storage capacities. The Sony Walkman E470 is expected to be available around August of this year. It is expected to cost around US$80 for the 4GB version, US$90 for the 8GB and US$110 for the 16GB model.

Image Source: Sony

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