Sony Vaio Pro 11 Ultrabook

It seems that “thin is in” when it comes to new notebooks and laptops. Laptop design and size over the years has changed. You had those hulking and heavy laptops to use when they first became popular. A lot of them weighed for more than 2 to 3 pounds. However, things have changed. Many laptops and notebooks today are almost as thin as a slim book. They are even getting thinner and lighter, even while they come with more powerful features. Their rapidly changing profile has led makers to put them in an entirely different category in the form of ultrabooks. While the ultrabooks are already slim, light and handy, makers still try to make the thinnest and lightest ultrabook they can. In this light, Sony is introducing the new Vaio Pro 11, the world’s lightest touch capable ultrabook.

The Sony Vaio Pro 11is set to be the lightest touch-capable ultrabook in the market when it launches. It comes with a carbon fiber casing, enabling Sony to create a lighter ultrabook weighing only 0.870 kg. Despite its slim size, the new Sony ultrabook still comes with the features that makes it comfortable to use. Keyboard design comes with a wide key pitch and stroke feature that allow users a natural typing experience.

The new Sony Vaio Pro 11 also comes with a TRILUMINOS display to allow users to enjoy a rich palette of natural colors. It provides a Full HD touch display that combines with Sony’s super resolution technology to give users an unrivaled visual treat from the other ultrabooks in the market. The new Sony Vaio Pro 11 is set to be available for purchase later in the month. Pricing details have yet to be provided.

Image Source: Sony

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