Sony Vaio Blu-Ray Laptops

Sony Vaio Blu-Ray Laptops

The Sony Vaio FW480J/T features a hassle-free Blu-Ray playback and a large 1,600×900-pixel resolution, a 16.4-inch screen, and fairly decent graphics that could handle many mainstream games without a hitch. A while back, this particular laptop model cost $1,199, which was okay if you compare it to other traditional gaming laptops.

A few months later, Sony released the Vaio FW560F/T. At $999, it slips under the $1000 psychological barrier. Still, at a dollar bellow $1k, It’s a practically high-end model by virtue of its price – and its features. At its prices, it was able to keep Blu-Ray while getting an improved processor speed, and Windows 7 Home Premium as its OS. The Vaio FW560F/T definitely offers a better deal than the FW480J/T, which costs more but has less to offer.

But then again, most high-end gaming laptops have the Intel Core i7 processor, and they have never been faster. Having a Core 2 duo just doesn’t put it up there with the others. This is why you couldn’t really call the FW560F/T a gaming laptop. Still, it is really affordable and can handle most games better than you would expect.

Source: CNET

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