Sony Unveils New S Series Vaio Laptops

With laptops now getting some bit of market challenge from the rapid emergence of tablets, manufacturers are trying hard to make their devices stand out more in order to stay relevant. The major ones like Sony are coming up its new S Series Vaio laptops to continue and make their mark. The features of the new S Series do stand out and may provide some good competition from the other upcoming laptop models out there.

First off, the Sony Vaio S Series laptops are built for performance as they will come with Intel core i7 and i5 processors for increased performance speed. Some models will come with the AMD Radeon HD 6630 1GB Hybrid Graphics card that not only provides a boost in graphics performance but also lowering power consumption. Select models will also feature dual channel solid state drives with RAID 0 Technology.

The Sony S Series Vaio laptops provide computing performance of a larger desktop PC but come in a compact form factor with a one-inch profile and use a 13.3 inch display screen. An added feature comes in the form of an optional sheet battery that can be attached on the laptops undercarriage which can boost up usage up to 15 hours. The new Sony S Series Vaio laptops are now available for pre-order at Sonystyle, starting for around US$970. The optional sheet battery is expected to cost around US$150.

Image Source: Sonystyle

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