Sony TX5 Gets Tested and Approved

Who says rugged gadgets have to look bulky? Sony‘s latest compact digicam TX5 is highlighted with its 0.7-inch thickness, a three-inch touchscreen, and a rugged metal frame that makes the camera protected against water, dust, and sub-zero conditions.

The TX5 was recently reviewed by two prominent gadget blogs: Photography Blog and CNET Australia. Both reviews find the camera impressive to begin with, especially with its backlit Exmor R CMOS sensor, optical image stabilization, SDHC compatibility, and 720p movie mode. Photography Blog tells readers that while the TX5 may not provide the finest image quality in the market, but it does yield “some terrific high ISO performance, excellent handling of chromatic aberrations, and a versatility that allows you to take photos you might not otherwise get to with more conventional shooters.”

CNET, meanwhile, also has positive words to the TX5, except the fact that its lens position may invite stray fingers, its wrist strap is not adjustable and the camera tends to be slippery underwater. Both reviews also have a beef to the camera’s pricing—at US$319.99. Nevertheless, they admit that its assets overshadow its flaws.

Source: Photography Blog and CNET Australia, via Engadget

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