Sony Submits Patent for Google Glass Rival

Google is in for a competition as Sony files a patent indicating that it is working on its own Google Glass rival. The application, with patent number 20130069850, has just become public on USPTO’s website and has been said to be a continuation of Sony’s past patents filed in 2008 and 2009.

Sony is formally applying a patent for “a head mounted display apparatus includes an image display device, a wearing device with which the image display device is worn on a head of an observer, and an attachment member with which the image display device is attached to the wearing device. The attachment member is capable of adjusting a position of the image display device relative to the wearing device independently in a first direction and in a second direction, the first direction being defined by a virtual line connecting centers of eyes of the observer, the second direction being perpendicular to the first direction and extending vertically with respect to the observer.”

It sounds a mouthful, but it is obvious that the patent application is about a Google Glass rival. The difference between the two would be Sony’s adjustable lenses that can be moved according to the user’s comfort, while all parts of Google Glass are reportedly in a fixed position. Sony’s smart glass would also allow the user to view information on both eyes, in contrast to just one eye in Google’s device.

The Sony’s Google Glass rival would also come with ear buds, judging by the prototype sketch (pictured). There is little information on whether this will only display 2D content.

I know what you are thinking: this would be patent wars all over again. While both devices appear to be similar and have almost the same functions, it seems like Sony is trying to make their device as different from Google Glass as possible.

Source: USPTO, via The Droid Guy

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