Sony SRS-V500IP Portable Speaker Dock

There seems to be many ways to enjoy listening to your handy iPod or iPhone. Different docking stations for these gadgets offer different features to capture attention. In the case of the new Sony SRS-V500IP Portable Speaker Dock, it tries to capture attention by being designed like an everyday coffee tumbler.

What is unique with the Sony SRS-V500IP Portable Speaker Dock is that it features a tumbler designed round speaker that what Sony calls as the Circle Sound Stage. This docking station comes with a special 360 degree speaker integrated at the top of its tumbler shaped body. The portable speaker can both be used indoors and outdoors. It can even fit into a car’s cup holder quite well for easy and convenient listening due to its tumbler-like design. The only concern that may arise is if users may mistake it for an actual tumbler and put drinks into it. The Sony SRS-V500IP Portable Speaker Dock is soon to be made available in Japan. No word yet on its pricing.

Image Source: Sony Japan

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