Sony SRS-GC11IP Lightning Friendly iPhone Speaker Dock

Apple’s new Lightning connector has recently been getting a mixed reaction from the tech community. It was set to be a standard for Apple devices to replace the bigger 30-pin connector. But considering that it was built as a proprietary connector for iOS devices and not a cross platform standard, not a lot of people have embraced it so far or welcomed it with open arms. But because it is Apple, there will be makers who will eventually make it popular since it has been a part of the new iPhone 5. There’s some Lightning-friendly gadgets now being introduced such as the Sony SRS-GC11IP.

The Sony SRS-GC11IP is a stylish speaker dock for the iPod as well as the iPhone that also includes the new iPhone 5 with its Lightning connector. It also comes with an alarm clock and an FM/AM radio. It also can be used to charge the iPod and iPhone 5 when connected.

Music listening is also made more convenient with the Lightning connector as it instantly enjoy the favorite music right from the iPhone or iPod once attached to the dock. The connecting slot contains a cover that opens and closes to protect the slot from collecting dust when not in use. A sleep timer also allows users to set how long they would want to listen to the radio or music. It automatically turns off when the set time has elapsed.

The speaker dock also comes with its own remote control for users to conveniently control the features without having to push the buttons on the dock itself. The Sony SRS-GC11IP is available at Sony Japan for 6,980 Japanese Yen or around US$71.

Image Source: Sony Japan

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