Sony SRS BTV5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

With portable devices becoming the primary means of entertainment for most people nowadays, having accessories to boost up some of their features also become just as important. Most portable devices may not always have audio features that some people prefer. But this is something that a portable speaker like the new Sony SRS BTV5 can address.

The Sony SRS BTV5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a handy wireless speaker that can be paired with a number of Bluetooth-compatible devices to provide them with some much needed audio boost. This wireless speaker comes with a 1.2 watt speaker as well as a built-in mic that makes it function as a speakerphone.  NFC functionality makes audio sharing and streaming more convenient as well, especially on Android smartphones. The portable wireless speaker comes with a lithium ion battery that can provide up to 5 hours of power on a full charge.

The Sony SRS BTV5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is just as big as a billiard ball, making it quite handy to bring along as well. This small but useful wireless speaker is expected to come out in Japan any time soon although specific details have not yet been announced. People can also expect that it will also be made available globally after its Japanese launch.

Image Source: Sony

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