Sony SRS A3 Portable Speakers

People may need different speakers to suit their different needs. Having an all-in-one speaker is not always the solution. In the case of speakers for laptops and notebooks, a pair of portable speakers like the new Sony SRS A3 is probably a better choice rather than getting the biggest rig available.

Sony has recently unveiled a number of speaker options that will cater to the different needs of different people. For laptop and notebook users, Sony offers the SRS A3 portable speakers. This is a compact and portable option for those who need good sound quality output speakers that they can easily bring along with them. The Sony SRS A3 speakers are magnetically shielded to protect against interference and provides 5W of total output power. It comes with 57mm sound drivers, a high quality digital amplifier, and designed with a bass reflex port to boost up base sounds. It is also designed with the speakers angled 15 degrees upwards for a more natural sound listening. The new Sony SRS A3 Portable Speakers is now available at the Sony site, although information about its price is not yet provided.

Image Source: Sony

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