Sony SmartBand: A fitness tracker with a little extra

Sony SmartBand

Sony SmartBand

Sony has unveiled its very own wearable device: a fitness tracker the company claims to have something extra compared to Fitbits and the Galaxy Gear Fits. The Sony SmartBand incorporates smartwatch-like features all while keeping tabs on your physical activity.

The silicone-encased device can be paired to Sony smartphones via NFC or Bluetooth, but any Android KitKat-powered device will do just as well. You also need to download the Lifelog app from Sony, which allows you to control your workout music, track your every move, and vibrate when you receive a phone call, text message, or email.

The device comes with a Core, wherein the battery and all the data is stored. This waterproof Core can pop in and out of the band, and comes with an open micro-USB port.

It also serves as your smartphone’s leash of sorts. The SmartBand buzzes if you are too far away from your phone, so you won’t have to run back to where you have left it.

The Sony SmartBand is now available online and on Sony Stores for $99.99.

Source: Mashable

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