Sony Reveals PS3 Motion Controller

Sony recently revealed a prototype for the much-rumored new motion controller for PlayStation 3.  While it looked more like a really twisted sex toy (with a color-changing ball at the top, who knows what people would do with that?), Sony representatives demonstrated to technology press people how the controller works in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye while the wand overlaid on-screen with a weapon or tool.

Sony claims that the motion controller is "sub-millimeter" precise, which they demonstrated while drawing and shooting on-screen.  It is said that this new system will be launched on Spring 2010. 

It may appear like both Sony and Microsoft’s controller-less Project Natal are riding on Nintendo’s coattails (not to mention acting on desperation, as some people would like to think) by incorporating motion into video gaming.  But overall, we should thank these companies for realizing the importance of getting off the couch and put the physical activity back in good ol’ playtime.

Image is a pun on the Wii Mote, by the way.

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