Sony Releases Street-Inspired PIIQ Headphones

Sony unveils its new line of headphones designed for today’s young generation. The PIIQ (pronounced like “peek”) headphones are inspired from street culture, skaters, and those who dare to push the limits.

Each of the five models designed by Rui Morisawa and friends has its distinct style and even comes in several style variations. The Marqii is inspired by a snowboard lock, with an adjustable headband to fit perfectly on your head, has a flat detachable cord, and comes with 40mm drivers for a powerful sound output. The Giiq has an overall smooth detail with flex motion cups, padded headband for comfortable audio experience, and 30mm drivers for a robust sound.

The Triqii features internal sliders to keep the ends of the headband hidden yet adjustable. It is built for durability, resisting impacts and scratches, plus a big bass to boot. The Qlasp is a pair of earbuds with dual-purpose hooks that lets you hang it onto your ear or clip it under your lobe. The soft earbuds are snug and comfortable, all while providing crystal-clear sounds from its 30mm drivers. And the Exhale, the most inexpensive of the five, comes with earbuds that look like masks. Each bud contains a 13.5mm driver for powerful sound and even a bass booster.

The PIIQ is now available on its online store and will soon be released on retails outlets. Prices range from US$14.99 to US$99.99 for the Marqii.

Source: Sony, via CrunchGear

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