Sony Releases New Portable Radio

Sometimes, even old technologies remain relevant. Today, radio can be accessed through stereos and even on FM-enabled smartphones, although the sight of a portable radio seems to be rare nowadays. Sony, however, would like to take the old-fashioned radio device into the new decade with its ICZ-R50, an AM/ FM radio recorder that can contain 4GB of internet memory, which can be expanded up to 32GB with SD/ SDHC or Memory stick.

Apart from having voice recorder functions, the Sony ICZ-R50 is compatible to MP3 and WMA files, which can be stored in the device via internal memory or memory cards. The radio weighs 532 grams and comes with two 0.5-watt speakers.

The Sony ICZ-R50 portable radio will hit the Japanese market on February 21 for US$218. Whether it will be released overseas, we highly doubt it.

Source: CrunchGear

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