Sony PSP Makes Use of Augmented Reality

Sony PlayStation Portable is also going venturing to the augmented reality gaming world, much like what Nintendo DSi did, with a new game called EyePet. However, since the PSP does not have any cameras, the game will provide one for you as it comes bundles with every EyePet UMD.

The object of the game is to raise your very own virtual pet. Players learn to nurture, personalize, and interact with the EyePet wherever they may go. They can stroke the fur of the players’ pet by simply placing one’s hand in front of the camera until it can see your hand rubbing the pet’s hair.

EyePet is now available in the United States, which is listed on Amazon at US$39.99. It is compatible with most members of the poicaWith the Holiday shopping season nearing, you need to get one now before it runs out.

Source: Engadget

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